SLO County Adopts New Regulations with Cannabis

SLO County Adopts New Regulations with Cannabis

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors held its fifth meeting on Monday to discuss an ordinance regulating cannabis in unincorporated areas of the county.

In a 3-2 vote, it was decided that growers who want to grow more than six cannabis plants have to apply for a land use permit. There are currently more than 300 cultivation sites in the county. This new ordinance will only allow 141 permits, putting a lot of growers out of business or forcing them to go elsewhere.

During the first year of this ordinance, only growers in the county who have a permit through the urgency ordinance currently in place can apply for a land use permit. That urgency ordinance has been in place for more than a year now.

Under the newly instated ordinance, growers would also have to own the land. Agriculture sites would be required to be 10 acres, 50 acres for rural lands, and 20 acres for areas considered residential rural.

Several locals spoke at Monday’s meeting, including Kristin Kordich and Austin Connella who own land in south San Luis Obispo County. This ordinance will change how they do business on their 20 acres of rural land.

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“It puts us out of business. It puts everything we’ve done for the last five years,” Kordich said. “We’ve put all of our money and our lives into this and built out our lands and now our business, they just took our right to grow to have our business there.”

Others say this could impact those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

“It will be a devastation for patient access here in this county,” said Sean Donahoe of the San Luis Obispo County Cannabis Association. “There will be a devastation of economic harms here in this county.”

In addition, under the ordinance, no brick and mortar stores will be permitted. Instead, there will only be mobile dispensaries where orders are placed online, by phone or another remote method.

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