MNHR Skin Care Line

MNHR Skin Care Line

Santa Maria, CA – August 19, 2017. MNHR would like to introduce our new line of Skin Care Products. We have been busy here at MNHR Confecting with our Sister Affiliate Canna Confections to bring our Members and the General Public MNHR Skin Care Line. Some of our Skin Care Products do contain Cannabis, while others do not. We will be getting ready to deliver the non Cannabis Products to any and all Retailers that will carry them, OF COURSE our Members can obtain our non Cannabis Products but we do highly recommend our Cannabis Skin Care Line. Cannabis Topical Salve

MNHR Topicals:

Featuring our Dragon Skin Elixir repairing attributes!!

General Skin Care:

Our Special Blend of Topical Salve is perfect for your skin. Healing properties are infused within our Salve and help your skin rejuvenate.

Great for Sunburns: MNHR Special Blend of Topical Salve is perfect for Sunburns. It instantly starts the calming effects from the heat from the sunburn. Our Topical Salve immediately goes to work on soothing and repairing the damaged skin areas.

Perfect for Tattoos: Tattoos are Welcome to use our Topical Salve. Our Salve is awesome for speeding the healing properties from receiving a Tattoo. Our Salve may brighten up an old dingy Tattoo depending on applying soon enough. Our Salve has special vitamins and oils that may enhance the ink and rejuvenate as well. Use our Topical Salve on a regular basis and your Tattoo will look and feel great!

Deep Penetration Rub: Our Deep Penetration Topical Salve goes to work the second it has been applied. The Salve starts on the surface and then works deep into the muscle tissue. All Natural ingredients will make sure your muscles receive medicine that your body actually needs for repairing aches pains and over use.

Whipped Shea:

Cocoa Butter Lotion:

Lip Balm:


Thank you so kindly.

MNHR Skin Care Line

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