Cannabis Sativa to Help Give 4 Year Old a Shot at Life

Cannabis Sativa to Help Give 4 Year Old a Shot at Life

Maggie Selmeski, 4, lives with her parents, Rachael, 34, and Shawn, 38, and younger brothers, Maddox and Miles, in Littleton, Colo. She and her family are what have become known as “medical marijuana refugees,” as they came to Colorado from Tennessee in pursuit of legalized pot. That’s because it wound up being the only effective treatment for Maggie’s form of epilepsy, known as “intractable” epilepsy, which can cause her to have up to 500 seizures a day.

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Before making the big decision to move, the Selmeskis had held out hope for a cure and for a normal life for Maggie. But during one of her hospitalizations at just 4 months old, doctors told Shawn and Rachael that their daughter probably wouldn’t live very long.

That point in their lives, Rachael recalls, was “the lowest of the low.”

Thus began a period of trying countless pharmaceuticals in hopes of finding a way to get Maggie’s seizures under control and give the girl a shot a having some quality of life. But doctor after doctor told the couple that there was nothing that could help Maggie, and that all that they could do was love her and accept that her life would not be a long one.

Shawn says that he lost faith in Western medicine in the process. And while he and Rachael continued to seek out effective treatment, he admits now, he was “preparing in my heart for my daughter to die.”

And as Maggie’s condition worsened and she lost all voluntary movement, Rachael’s search for help eventually led her to Cannabis sativa — and evidence that it had been found to reduce and control seizures, even in children.

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