MNHR Canna Solution Center

MNHR Canna Solution Center

MNHR (January, 2017) Santa Maria, California – New changes to our Collective Association and our Membership coming soon. We are proud to announce fresh and exciting news about MNHR Collective Association Cannabis Delivery Service and Solutions. We are based in Santa Maria California but are proud to say we delivery to our members in the San Luis Obispo areas as well. 805 Central Coast of California.

MNHR Collective Association Facebook is no longer available. Our new Facebook is MNHR Canna Solutions. More info coming as we finalize the formatting. We have to start over with Facebook unfortunately. Thanks so much

Visit our new Store:

The store is ongoing and updating but we do not know if we are going to keep it. It is very time consuming and MNHR needs to streamline the entries of the menu items, probably a new shopping cart system.

We have also moved our Wedmaps pin to a location more suited for our home town of Santa Maria. We will always deliver to our Members in San Luis Obispo County and will always take referrals as well. 🙂 We will continue to market our Cannabis Solutions to those locations to further our membership.


MNHR Collective Association is proud to announce the starting of our new name change adventure and Business model changes. Legally, the State of CA will give us time to change the formatting of the Collective Association. We will be updating our logo, as time marches on and we get closer to the State of California Medical and Recreational Cannabis laws. We will also be changing the structure of the Business to comply with all State and potential Federal laws. We have always been more than a DELIVERY SERVICE! We educate our members if they need assistance with picking the strains that are right for them and their ailments. We also provide more than smokeable flowers. With this being said, we are leaning towards a one stop Cannabis Solution Center. MNHR Canna Solutions, MNHR Canna Solution Center. We will be throwing names around for awhile to make sure we can have a name that represents us that we feel confident images our identity.


MNHR Collective Association Canna Solution Center

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